Why should you choose MES?

  • The MES team is professionally certified and experienced in sanitizing facilities from small incubator labs to industrial Pharma labs greater than 300 K SQFT.

  • We use a state of the art fogging technology that yields reproducible validated results. The system is environmentally friendly technology that yields reproducible validated results

  • Our Fogging technique effectively kills unwanted organisms and is capable of achieving 6-Log (99.9999) kill on spores throughout your facility from Office space, GrowRoom(s) to processing areas.

  • The fogging process can be a localized area or include the entire facility, dependent on your needs and facility dynamics

  • The system is portable, enabling easy treatment of low lying areas and tall rooms, with fogging capabilities above +17 feet without the need for ladders or lifts.

How the MES Fogging System Works


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is an excellent fit for this application. Kill is achieved through physical oxidation of the organism as a result organisms do not develop resistance to the process. The hydrogen peroxide naturally brakes down into oxygen and water so there are no byproducts of concern or residue.


The patent pending fogging distribution system employs a variable pitch impingement nozzle body design which allows for the adjustment of droplet size through the option of converging two aerosol streams. This aerosol stream impingement creates a very small droplet sized permeating fog.


The system also flash heats the hydrogen peroxide prior to atomization. This thermal treatment increases vapor phase of hydrogen peroxide and enhancing the distribution of the aerosol by creating a hybrid of vapor and ultra-fine fog to effectively treat all hard surfaces in the enclosed environment.